My mom, she has always been just as amazing illustrator and as a young boy I used to love to sit in her lap and watch her sketch with just a pencil and paper and out would pop these life-like resemblances of these gorgeous "big cats" as my grandfather would call them. My grandfather loved lions and thats where my love for them comes from and my mom could draw them in a way that made my heart leap.

I grew up adoring my mothers ability to draw so it just seemed natural to me that everywhere I went I was asking for pencil and paper. That love for drawing and art lead me to the Art Institute of Seattle. There, I found a place where everyone loved art and we were free to explore our creative genes.

That exploration lead me to a photography class. After my grandmother told me she had an old Minolta I could have "as long as I took good care of it", my look on life has never been the same. Story telling through images and holding those moments.

From the gorgeous Seattle landscape, to the famous football fields of the University of Southern California and then the people and teams of Memphis and the mid-south, I love where my work has taken me, nothing gets me going quite like capturing people and the places I work.

Did I mention I love coffee?

Images, motion, texture, light, emotion – all things that inspire me, these are the things life is made of.
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